Project ATHN

A system, that's as simple as possible, that allows people to find, share and interact with information. While also having built in solutions to common problems.

See the project ATHN specifications. Currently in their very early stages

The 3 core philosophical pillars of ATHN

Simplicity: Both technical minimalism and simplicity of use (for authors, developers and users alike) - To keep the focus on what's most important, and to maximize security and speed

Accessibility: Provide a good and usable experience to as many as possible, no matter what languages they speak, what device they use, where they are etc.

User first: Let the end users choose as much as possible, what information they send to sites, how sites visually look etc. - To increase privacy and provide the best experience to everyone

Common problems that need a canon solution

Check out project gemini for inspiration, it solves a different problem in a similar way

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One of the big ways that you can help is by working on software that works with project ATHN, something we're currently low on. The standards should be made using the experiences gathered by writing software for them, so if you become an ATHN software developer you will automatically become that much more knowledgable when it comes to developing the standards. Start a completely new software project of your own or contribute to one of these existing ones:

Software repository

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